HoserCam.Com - Ever wonder what it looks like to see a master class shooter run through a stage, from their viewpoint?  Excellent IPSC videos.  Buy your own HoserCam for your own training and show off your skills.

Gunracer.com & Stagebuilder - An excellent web tool for designing IPSC & IDPA stages.  Many, many thanks to Alan @ Gunracer who tirelessly hosted our site for us for several years.

M1911.org - The world of the 1911 at your fingertips

The Glock FAQ - Self-billed as the ultimate Glock information source

Glock Talk - Glock user forum, not limited to Glocks but that's their main focus

Shooter's Lobby - Very comprehensive gun forum that covers just about every topic.  Created and run by some of our good friends in the Upstate.